Items that Best Wedding Caterers Should Add in a Summer Wedding

For Indians, no time is bad for getting married. Barring a few months, the wedding sojourn goes on throughout the calendars. Though most of these ceremonies happen during the winter, few plan their big day on scorching summer days as well.

Plan for the Food with the Best Caterers in Kolkata:

Planning for the food during winter is a no-brainer. However, the same arrangements for a summer wedding need proper planning. The climate remains hot and humid, which reduces guest’s appetite in the first place. The best caterers in Kolkata have to select specialized food items that let everyone enjoy the delectable arrangement.

Food Items to Add to a Summer Wedding Event:

To plan the menu for a summer sojourn, it is important to consider some vital things. We point them out in detail in the following section.

Drinks: Coolers and lassis are the best pick for a hot evening. They serve the dual role of keeping guests cool and helping with indigestion. It goes well with starters and main course items alike. Lassi is a traditional Indian drink made from fresh curd, which works like magic as a refreshing sweet drink.

Starters: In a big fat Indian wedding, you can find an uncountable number of starters. However, while selecting them for a summer wedding, it is important to judge some vital factors. You can plan for tangy chaats, which are a great hit for their unique flavour. These items add great value to the menu and guests can enjoy them with cool drinks. Delectable starters made of paneer, like Paneer tikka, are another hit choice.

Main Course: While finalizing the menu for a summer wedding, you will spend a considerable amount of time here. You would definitely find numerous options to keep as the main dish. However, keeping in mind the climate, it is better to select dishes that would not upset the stomach of the guests. Naan is a great choice, and you can top it up with dairy-based gravy, like different dishes of Paneer. Do not forget to add a separate counter for salad as well.

Dessert: Weddings in scorching heat are never complete without a generous serving of cold desserts. Ice cream is the perfect choice that matches the mood of every event. However, if you are up for trying something traditional, go with good old sweet curd or add some fruity punch to it. It will add a dash of refreshment and fulfil the dining experience of the guests.

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