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Know the Catering Trends to Offer a Culinary Treat to Your Guests

Food plays a critical role in all kinds of social gatherings. No matter how big or small the event is, it seems incomplete without proper catering arrangements. Celebrating any event with peers and kin itself is a special feeling. Delicious food items only increase the celebratory mood and happy vibes.

Collaborate with the Best Catering Service Near You

Before throwing a party, it is important to arrange the food from a trusted catering service near you. You can consider contacting Bhojan Catering Services, who are one of the leading caterers based in Kolkata. Here, you can find the assistance of experts who have wide experience in preparing delectable food for a large number of guests.

Making Catering a Trendy Affair: Bhojan Catering Services

Along with hygienic cooking and special arrangements, Bhojan Catering Services closely follow the recurring trends in the catering industry. This is a crucial part that ensures guest satisfaction in any event. We discuss more about this in the following section.

• Create a Single Station for Drinks: The separate arrangement for bars and mocktail counters has now become a thing of the past. Most caterers opt for a single platform where all drinks are served. In most Indian weddings, the aim is to provide non-alcoholic drinks, thanks to the alcohol consumption habit. The young generation is attracted to various sweet drinks made of syrup and fruit extracts.

• Wide Choice of Healthy Foods: At weddings and other events, we expect a delicious platter consisting of calorie-rich foods. However, the trend is changing gradually. Along with preparations made of meat and fish, you can find a liberal serving of vegetables too. Salads made of regional and seasonal fruits and vegetables are also a huge hit.

• Ice Cream with Unique Flavours: To make the event a wholesome flavour fest, you can find the addition of ice cream. It is the primary option for dessert in most events. However, in the modern catering era, you can choose an ice cream that matches your taste. From fruits to fusion taste, there is a wide array of different ice creams. Take your pick and make the event more enjoyable.

To hold an event with the best food arrangement, do not look further than Bhojan Catering Services. We are regarded as one of the best caterers in Kolkata who can provide you with the finest catering experience. Our team consists of experts who have years of experience in serving delectable dishes to make all events more enjoyable. Contact us today to hire us to arrange food for your next special event.

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